CARGO is a form of transport which is designed to move goods from one location/country to another.

Also known as Freight Transport, Cargo Transport is typically used to move products for commercial sale.

There are a number of different kinds of Cargo Transport available to both individuals and companies,

ranging from a package delivery service used to move products from companies to end consumers,

to a shipping which carriess entire containers of products from one port to another.

At PhilJap Trade Inc., we have two (2) ways of Cargo transport.

We have the AIR CARGO, which is transported via AIR Freights. (1 day delivery)

And SHIP CARGO, which is transported via SEA Freights. (14~16 days delivery)

At AIR CARGO, we accept delivery from one (1) piece of gadget/product(Fragile, Electronics,Non-Fragile),

to a bulk package of a maximum weight of 20kgs / box. And we deliver door-to-door.

At SHIP CARGO, we have two (2) sizes of box. Jumbo Box (75x55x63)cm & Half Box (37x55x63)cm.

We have NO-WEIGHT Limit for Kanto Area, Japan. For other Area, maximum of 50kgs. for a single box.

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